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Preserving Outdoor Furniture In Pennsylvania

The Southern Company have been the leading experts in preserving outdoor furniture in PA, and from Connecticut to Virginia, since 1984.

If your Brown Jordan patio furniture is 5 years old or 50... it's worth preserving. Their beautiful styles, design, and quality will hold up for generations to come.

Your patio furniture may be a bit faded, chipped or in need of a new paint job. Our expert patio furniture restoration services can make it look brand new again. By repainting your Brown Jordan you can preserve it almost indefinitely.  By recycling, you will ultimately be saving money, saving the environment and keeping your outdoor furniture looking brand new.  There are a few steps to refinishing outdoor furniture, and our experts can give you an accurate estimate easily.

Our specialists in powdercoating of outdoor furniture start by sandblasting the metal frames to remove the old paint and prep the frames for powdercoating.  The powdercoating is electrostatically applied then baked in an oven to fully cure.  The new finish is so tough, you can hit it with a hammer to no effect.

We will then re-strap or custom cut and install new replacement slings for your patio furniture.  The materials used in our restoration process are the best available. For the Brown Jordan replacement slings, we use Gore-tex Tenara thread. This thread is over five times more expensive than the polyester thread used by most. The advantage is that it will last 10 times longer.

Over 90 different replacement sling fabrics and colors are available. The vinyl strapping for outdoor furniture we stock is available in 30 different colors and contain mildew inhibitors and ultraviolet stabilizers to help maintain color and brightness.

Each chair or chaise lounge is individually laced by a craftsman, not by machine, to ensure complete quality control.

We are experts in Brown Jordan restoration.  If your frames are structurally sound then our refinishing process will have your set looking brand new.

This is all that The Southern Company does..... every day for the last 25 years.

Our service extends from Connecticut to Virginia, with Pick Up and Delivery in CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA

 Rejuvenated 20-year-old Brown Jordan Tamiami Furniture

Brown Jordan has offered many wonderful lines over the years. Strap lines such as Tamiami, English Garden, Lido and Cantan are laced in a temperature controlled "Hot Room."  100 degrees is maintained at all times to ensure that the new vinyl lacing has the proper tension for beauty and comfort.


Some of the more popular lines of Brown Jordan that incorporate 2" strapping are Roma, Paragon, Mauna Kea and Regency,


The beautiful sling lines of Quantum, Infinity, Elan, Equinox, Charles Pfister, Nomad and Legend are being unloaded every day.


If it's structurally sound.......restoration makes sense.